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2-Port HDMI Switcher / Splitter (4k 60hz)


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[This is the 4K 60hz model, click here for the cheaper 4K 30hz model]


HDMI switcher is a very important part of audio and video accessories. It can connect 2 HDMI input devices to 1 HDMI output device. Such as connect PS4 and smart box to display through HDMI cables,when you are tired from watching TV,you can switch to ps4 device and enjoy playing games.


HDMI 2.0 switcher with a resolution of 4K/60Hz (backward compatible), and supports 3D/HDR/HDCP2.2/1.4/CEC ect, which greatly meets your various requirements



1.charging is required when connect to high-power devices such as Macbook, TV box ect.(Package come with micro USB cable, charger is not included)


2.To reach 4K/60Hz resolution,the total legth of cable should be less than 10m(28AWG),

to reach 4K/30Hz resolution,the total legth of cable should be less than 20m(28AWG)

to reach 1080P/60Hz resolution,the total legth of cable should be less than 40m (24AWG)

Only 1 left in stock



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