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Circuit Capacitors


High quality, Stable and long service life, Excellent humidity resistance, Miniature size, wide capacitance, reliable performance.

Wide applications in computers, data processing, telecommunication, industrial control, etc.


0.1UF 50V 4X7 – 50 Fils
2.2UF 50V 4X7 – 50 Fils
3.3UF 50V 4X7 – 50 Fils
4.7UF 50V 4X7 – 50 Fils
10UF 25V 4X7 – 50 Fils
22UF 25V 4X7 – 50 Fils
33UF 16V 4X7 – 50 Fils
47UF 16V 4X7 – 50 Fils
0.22UF 50V 5X11 – 100 Fils
0.47UF 50V 5X11 – 100 Fils
1UF 50V 5X11 – 100 Fils
10UF 50V 5X11 – 100 Fils
22UF 25V 5X11 – 100 Fils
47UF 25V 5X11 – 100 Fils
100UF 16V 5X11 – 100 Fils
220UF 10V 5X11 – 100 Fils
47UF 50V 6X12 – 150 Fils
100UF 25V 6X12 – 150 Fils
220UF 25V 6X12 – 150 Fils
470UF 10V 6X12 – 150 Fils
100UF 50V 8X12 – 150 Fils
470UF 16V 8X12 – 150 Fils
1000UF 16V 10X17 – 250 Fils
2200UF 10V 10X17 – 250 Fils


Additional information


0.1UF 50V 4X7, 2.2UF 50V 4X7, 3.3UF 50V 4X7, 4.7UF 50V 4X7, 10UF 25V 4X7, 22UF 25V 4X7, 33UF 16V 4X7, 47UF 16V 4X7, 0.22UF 50V 5X11, 0.47UF 50V 5X11, 1UF 50V 5X11, 10UF 50V 5X11, 22UF 25V 5X11, 47UF 25V 5X11, 100UF 16V 5X11, 220UF 10V 5X11, 47UF 50V 6X12, 100UF 25V 6X12, 220UF 25V 6X12, 470UF 10V 6X12, 100UF 50V 8X12, 470UF 16V 8X12, 1000UF 16V 10X17, 2200UF 10V 10X17

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