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External USB Sound Adapter Soundcard


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3.5mm earphone port, 3.5mm mic port, 2-in-1 3.5mm port, microphone-mute button, earphone-mute button, with volume control;

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– Output: (1) 3.5mm headphone jack
(2) 3.5mm mono microphone jack
(3) 4-pin combo Mic/headphone jack (Only support CTIA)

– SNR: ≥85dB

– Sampling Rate: 16bit 48KHz

– Time Delay: 40 – 50mS

– Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz

– With function of disabling headphone Mic and volume control


Important Notes
– Ensure usb audio adapter is set to be your primary playback and recording device in your control panel or system preferences.
– The 4-pin combo Mic/headphone jack only support TRRS CTIA standard, does not support TRRS OMTP standard
– The input of microphone jack and combo Mic/headphone jack only support mono

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