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LED for Arduino and DIY Projects


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5mm and 3mm LED Diodes Kit: super bright leds, F5 (5mm) / F3 (3mm)

Voltage: White 3.2~3.4V, Red 2.0~2.2V, Blue 3.2~3.4V, Yellow 2.0~2.2V, Green 3.0~3.4V; Current: 20mA;


  • Brightness up to 24000-26000MCD.
  • Head type: Round;
  • Size: 3mm, 5mm
  • Polarity : Anode (Longer Part) | Cathode (Shorter Part)
  • Wide Application: Arduino DIY Project; Electronics experiment; Teaching, Repairing leds and electrical appliances; School Science Experiments; Car Decorations and Signal Indicator etc..

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F5 (5mm) – White, F5 (5mm) – Red, F5 (5mm) – Blue, F5 (5mm) – Green, F5 (5mm) – Yellow, F3 (3mm) – White, F3 (3mm) – Red, F3 (3mm) – Blue, F3 (3mm) – Green, F3 (3mm) – Yellow

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