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Osee T5 5.5 Inch DSLR Mirrorless Camera Field 3D Lut Monitor Kit 1920×1080 IPS Full HD 4K HDMI Including HDMI Cables Tilt Arm and Sunshade


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  • 【Crisp and Vivid Image Presentation】With a screen of 1920×1080 full HD resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio and 16.77 million colors, T5 can present a sharp image from your camera. All T5 monitors are calibrated before shipping and have a manual calibration control built in software for user adjustment.
  • 【Accurate Video Assisting Tools】Waveform, false color, focus assist, histogram, auto rotate, anamorphic etc. T5 has a full set of image assisting tools to help you nailing framing, exposure, focus and audio. It also supports realtime LUT preview for shooting LOG, you can add your favorite custom LUT via SD card.
  • 【Great Lightweight Portability】T5 has the physical size of a mobile phone and weighs only 160 grams, so it’s great for saving space and weight for your whole shooting setup. Meanwhile, with a built-in aluminum sheet and metal screw holes, it’s also steady and robust enough for varied on set environment.
  • 【Flexible Power Solution】T5 has a battery slot that supports both SONY L Series or Canon LP-E6, you can also power the monitor through its mini USB port. What’s more, T5 supports charging camera through dummy battery, which could be a life saver when camera battery runs out unexpectedly.
  • 【Convenient and Clean Operation】T5’s scene style UI allows user building up to 8 scenes containing different tools for various monitoring situation, after presetting these scenes, all you need to do on set is switching scenes. T5 uses one single joystick to navigate through menus, so you will have a clean screen, no need to constantly wipe fingerprints anymore.

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Trouble Shooting

Q: Why is the HDMI port not working?

A: Make sure your input signal format is the format that this monitor supports (check support signal format in Technical Specifications part).

Q: The monitor can’t recognize my SD card?

A: We suggest you use the SD Card that is 16G (or under 16G) and formatted to FAT32.

Q: I can’t find some functions like Anamorphic, Volume Control etc?

A: The functions you can’t find are probably in Monitor Settings Menu, scroll the joystick left for 3 seconds, and the menu will appear.

Q: Why is False Color disabled when LUT is activated?

A: It’s a default setting when one of them is on, another one will be off. To ensure an accurate exposure of your original footage, we believe it’s best to let the exposure tools only analyze the original signal without LUTs.

Q: When I am zooming, the Peaking is disabled?

A: When you do x2 or x4 Zooming, the Peaking’s intensity will be reduced to a certain threshold value accordingly. Use Focus Assist to help if you feel needed.

Q: The menu page sometimes flickers?

A: It may happen occasionally and only when the menu page being pulled out, your input signal and monitoring won’t be affected.

Specifications of Osee T5

Panel Size 5.5 inch
Resolution 1920X1080
Color 16.77 Million
Contrast 1000:1
Brightness 450 nits
Support Signal 1xHDMI(1.4) IN Support Signal Format: 3840x2160p (30/29.97/25/24/23.98), 1080p (60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98), 1080i(60/59.94/50), 720p(60/59.94/50), 480i/576i/480p/576p
Weight(Bare Monitor) 164g
Dimensions 156mmx78mmx20mm


Mounting Points 1/4”-20 screw mount, 1x bottom and 1x right
Power Consumption 5.5W
Input Voltage 6.5-8.4V Battery Input (SONY L Series or Canon LP-E6)/5-17V Micro USB DC Input
Anamorphic De-squeeze 1x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.66x, 2x, 2xMAG
Zoom 2x, 4x Zoom and Pan
Screen Rotate Auto/Manual
Image Tools Aspect/Safe/Center/Crosshatch/False Color/Zebra/Histogram/Waveform/Vector/Focus Assist/Peaking/Luts/Audio Meter/Image Re-size
Package 1×Monitor, 1×Tilt Arm, 1×Sun Hood, 1×HDMI-A Cable, 1×HDMI-Micro Cable, 1×HDMI-mini Cable
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