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Xiaomi DUKA LI 1 Laser Angle Meter / Measure Tools/ Protractor / Inclinometer


This new meter from DUKA enables simultaneous single-button dual-axis measurement, supports multi-angle inspection, and is used with a retractable aluminum tripod. You can easily achieve 360 ​​° layout at any angle in complex engineering environments, meeting various construction needs and suitable for spatial operations such as stairs, roofs, corners, etc.




Inside equips a new high-end imported core, precision assembly of imported components from many countries, stable operation, fast speed, long service life, continuous increase in performance, measurement precision can reach ± ​​0.5 °, measurement High precision, less error, easy to find the build level.

The width of the red LED light is 1mm. Measure horizontally and vertically at the same time.

The instrument shell is built through 19 processes, delicate anodizing + polishing, showing a clean and precise line, holding it in hand, full of texture and worthy of the appearance.The body adopts anti-drop reinforced metal shell, which is powerful and durable.High definition hyperboloid display, real-time data display, measurement response in seconds.

The weight of the whole machine is 70g, which is 1/5 of the weight of ordinary products on the market, and it is lighter than a mobile phone. The thickness of the body is 20mm, slim and easy to carry. The 730mAh high-density lithium battery has high efficiency and long life, low power consumption and more endurance. It is equipped with a Type-C fast charging interface.

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